Winter Blues

I got to the barn today and couldn’t find a place to park, and it wasn’t because of the snow piles.  Well, maybe in part.  But the main reason I couldn’t park was because there were big trucks everywhere.  Our new barn and indoor is finally under construction.

I will not go as far as to say not having an indoor is a hardship, but not riding for 2+ months every winter is not enjoyable.  Here in the Northeast, it’s a given that there will be no riding for a good stretch of time at some point.  Sometimes it’s only a few weeks and other times, like this winter, it seems like forever.  That’s not to say that next winter I will be riding every day.  Cold is still cold.  But at least it will only be for a few days at a time and not weeks.  Almost everyone else has an indoor, so when show season rolls around they’re ready.  Every year I’ve felt like I’ve been behind because both the horse (and more so) me loose fitness.  Not being able to continue our training doesn’t help either.

There is some good from not having an indoor.  It forces you to ride outside in all sorts of weather, which helps desensitize the horse. Take today.  With 30 mph wind gusts, PJ and I were out there.  It wasn’t particularly fun, but it taught PJ to listen to me even when the branches make scary noises as they knock against each other. And…um….okay, that’s about the only benefit I see. 

Now we just have to get through the rest of February!

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One Response to Winter Blues

  1. shinyfluff says:

    no indoor! wow Brave lady! It has been a cold winter pretty much everywhere. congrats on the new construction though!!

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