I Love Ebay

Okay, I admit it. I am an Ebay addict.  Ebay is the first place I go when I “need” something, especially something related to the horse.  Almost always, I find the cheapest price there.  I’ve bought almost-new, full leather seat breeches for $20, joint supplements for $10 less than anywhere else including shipping, and my current winter riding coat for a steal, among other bargains.  

But I don’t only make purchases, I sell a lot too.  Ebay has “sales” every so often where they discount the insertion fee. Whenever I get one of their announcements, I immediately rummage around my house for anything and everything.  I currently have 10 items for sale, with most of the auctions ending tonight.  The majority of the items are things I had around the house that I don’t need anymore – an old lighter, a dress, an antique pair of eye glasses (don’t ask). But I also have a set of purple polos and a dressage bridle for sale.  I have way too many polos, and these were the newest set, so I thought they had the best chance of selling.  The bridle came with PJ but I’m not crazy about white padding and decided that I would never use it.  Neither have bids yet but I check the site every 5 minutes.  Selling things gives me the same rush as I imaging gambling would except without the risk of loosing money.  If it sells, I win; if it doesn’t sell, I’m not out anything.

Once I’ve gotten my (small) windfall from what I’ve sold tonight, I think I’ll go shopping.  I could really use a new browband, maybe a saddle pad, or some more breeches!

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