Snow Day

I started riding when I was 12, but it was under controlled circumstances – lessons in the ring.  I never went galloping bareback through the fields or jumping logs on the trail.  My current instructor is a Pony Club examiner and she hosts events at the farm all of the time.  I get to see how confident these kids are from an early age, and wish I had had the same opportunities.  Maybe I wouldn’t be such a timid rider and I know I would have a better seat.

Well, today I got to experience a little of that.  I didn’t even take off PJ’s blankets. I just grabbed his bridle and my helmet and climbed on.  The snow was up to his knees as we trudged around the ring. I was tempted to go out into the field but the hill down the trail was too slippery and I was afraid of any obstacles, like branches and holes, that were hidden under the snow.  It was still fun being the first to make circles on the blank white canvas.  At one point we just stopped and I leaned back, resting my head on his rump and staring up at the sky.  I felt like a kid just enjoying my horse.  PJ didn’t seem to mind either, except maybe when I kicked him for trying to roll with me on him!  I definitely have to do this more often.

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