2011 Goals

Because of yet another snowy day, I’m stuck inside. So, I thought about my goals for this year.  Of course, I just want to improve myself as a rider.  I’m going to attack that by reading more and watching more videos.  I already take 2-3 lessons per week (weather permitting) and can’t afford (time- or money-wise) any more.  Maybe I’ll do a clinic but my instructor is really good and I rather put those funds towards horse shows.

Which leads me to my showing goals.  First, I am planning on only doing recognized shows. Maybe a schooling show will be the first show of the season just to get back into it.  I took PJ to two schooling shows last year and he took them pretty much in stride, so I’m not worried about him.  I just need to figure out how much to school him before our classes.  I over schooled at both shows for different reasons.  My motivation for wanting to go to recognized shows is so I can earn a USDF All Breed Award.  Not too many Georgian Grandes show, so I have a pretty good shot if I score above 60%.  That’s my major goal. 

Although I’ll just be showing training level, another goal is to be steadily riding first level at home and maybe take him to a schooling show at the end of the season to try showing first. The rule was changed that we can now rise the trot at first level, but I want to improve my sitting trot enough to show sitting. That way I’ll be preparing for second level, where you can’t post.  Of course, we need to get our canter departs more confirmed for any of my goals to be met!

The major impediment to my goals, besides my own riding ability, is the lack of a truck and trailer.  That means I’ll be relying on my friends to trailer me.  I know one friend with a trailer wants to show at recognized shows and the other just wants to show and would rather show with me than on her own. Another friend has a trailer but is afraid to trailer a horse who is not her own (you know who you are). My trainer has a 3-horse trailer but she has 3 horses she may want to take to shows.  Add on that, PJ is very NOT good at loading.  I’ve tried working with him, but without my own truck and trailer, it’s been hard to coordinate practice time. 

Now if it would just stop snowing so I could ride!!!!

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One Response to 2011 Goals

  1. onthebit says:

    hahaha…way to call me out 😛 I agree that I am not the person to call about trailering though. I already told my trainer that if she has space for the Schoolmaster he is riding with her (other wise I will take him). I don’t remember PJ having trailering issues. In fact, I remember him taking under 10 min to on next to Phoenix. I am not worried about you finding a ride…you always do. I think you picked a great goal for the year.

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