The Horse Bug

I hadn’t seen my horse in three days.  That’s pretty much my limit before I start to have anxiety.  Not being around equines seems to be a physiological thing, where if I’m away too long I get cranky.  Just ask my husband.  From talking to my riding friends it seems I am not unique.  Maybe “the horse bug” really is an illness, one that only some little girls catch and others don’t.

Seeing PJ stick his head out of his stall as I walked down the hill made me feel good.  He was happy to see me, and I like to think that he wouldn’t have been happy to see just anyone.  It was too cold to take his blankets off to brush him, so I just made sure he was warm, stuffed treats in his mouth, and rubbed his itchy withers.  Fifteen minutes together was all I needed to bring me back to calm and relaxed.

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2 Responses to The Horse Bug

  1. onthebit says:

    I love it. I totally relate, but I think I am worse…I freak out after just one day! And I am sure that PJ was very happy to see you. He knows who his mommy is.

  2. I get crabby too but I don’t think we’re sick. I think those who don’t get it are the sick ones. LOL

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