Maybe a Break Is Not So Bad

It seems like forever since I rode.  Yeah, I got on Saturday, but we just walked.  And I can’t even remember the time before that since I rode.  Well, today, it was warm, although not sunny, and the ring was rideable.  Granted, it was soup, but we could trot and we had a lesson.  

During this lull, riding had always been at the top of my mind. I’m crooked, and usually collapse my right side going left.  Last month Barbara figured out that I was actually throwing my left (inside) hip out.  So, every time I got in the car I concentrated on sitting to the right.  It’s not as easy as you would think.  Each time I moved my leg to use the clutch or break, my hip would pop back out.  Even when I exercised, sat in a chair, walked the dog, I thought about swinging my hip to the right.  

Well, I don’t know what it was, but I was very straight today.  It could have been the time off, which let my muscles rest, or all of my practicing not throwing my hip out, or just that PJ was pushing from behind (so I didn’t have to compromise my position to get him to go) because the sloppy ring felt like trotting in sand to him.

It’s looking like it will be another week before we’ll be able to ride again.  Snow, bitter cold, more snow. Yuck.  I’m just hoping that whatever changed in me, stays changed.

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2 Responses to Maybe a Break Is Not So Bad

  1. Barbara says:

    If you are looking for other blogs to enjoy, I have links to over 80 horse related blogs on my blog. There is bound to be something in there that you would enjoy. I like your blog, I hope you continue. Bloggers are a great community.

  2. Carol says:

    I like your blog but i can’t see a way to subscribe?
    There’s a blog roll on my site with tons of dressage blogs you can subscribe to at once if you’re interested.

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