Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The sun was shining but the ring was covered in snow.  I wasn’t sure what the footing was under the white stuff but I didn’t want to take any chances.  However, I hadn’t ridden in a while and with more snow coming it wasn’t looking likely that there would be much more riding until spring, so I decided to hop on PJ bareback.  Not such an easy task because he’s at least 16.3 hh and I don’t think he had ever had anyone on him bareback.

After the initial shock for both of us, PJ got used to no saddle and I got more confident and had a blast.  I kept my eyes closed mainly because of the blinding sun reflecting off the snow.  But it also allowed me to relax into the horse’s motion.  I concentrated on the feel of the weight of the bit in my hands and of his back muscles swinging underneath my seat as we changed directions.  I hoped it would help with my balance when I took back my saddle.

I wanted to try trotting, but PJ thought I may fall off and just walked a little faster.  After much prodding from me I convinced him to take a few steps, but he was right and I lost my balance.  He has a bouncy trot.  I didn’t care because I was enjoying just making new tracks in the snow.

Sometimes it seems like dressage is all serious.  Today was total fun, with a little learning thrown in, too.  I don’t want to get so focused on riding goals that I can’t laugh at myself every so often.  I was reminded of that today.

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