Life is Good

January is a convenient time to take stock of our lives.  Today was a good day for that because it was too snowy to do anything except spend some time brushing my horse.  The falling snow put a hush on the scene, blocking the normal man-made noises that you can usually never get away from in NJ.  It was peaceful.  PJ enjoyed the attention as I curried all of his itchy spots.  I enjoyed the smell of hay as he breathed, and the feel of his nose nudging my back as I picked out his feet.  I thought about how lucky I am.

I am grateful that I have a life that allows me to have a horse.  I hope this year that I can be a better horseman, rider, and person.  I have high hopes for me and PJ, but if I don’t meet my goals, I hope that I can stop myself from being disappointed.  I have no reason to be dissatisfied because I have so much that is good in my life.

Here’s to achieving all that you want and getting all that you need in 2011.

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